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Vision and Mission 願景和使命

CoachMe 作為全球領先的教練學平台,志於推廣績效教練的文化,提供個人化的教練學指引,賦能個人、專業與企業成長,為追求卓越與成長的你提供優質教練指引。透過 CoachMe,你會與具有專業知識和經驗的教練連結,共同創造個人、專業與企業成長與突破!

CoachMe is dedicated to fostering a culture of performance coaching, connecting individuals seeking excellence and growth with the perfect coach to guide them on their journey. Through CoachMe, you will gain access to a global network of experienced and knowledgeable coaches, empowering you to unlock your full potential and achieve personal, professional, and organizational success.

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Values 品牌價值觀

Professionalism: We are committed to collaborating with exceptional and certified coaches to ensure our clients receive the best possible guidance.

Integrity: We foster a culture of respect and trust between coaches and clients, prioritizing transparency, honesty, and fairness in all interactions.

Co-creation: We encourage collaboration between coaches and clients, fostering a supportive environment for mutual growth and transformation.

Connectivity: We connect coaches and clients worldwide, creating a global network of expertise and resources.

Why Choose Your Dream GPS Coach?


量身定制的指引方式 Tailored Guidance

Receive personalized coaching from certified experts dedicated to understanding your unique needs and supporting your growth journey.

Your Dream GPS Coach is…

When you’ve lost the energy of life, a coach is the sun that can illuminate you! When you’re stuck, sometimes “methods” may not be the answers you lack or the most effective solutions. Seeing hope is the key in the present moment. Coaching guidance gives you the belief that even when you’re at the bottom, as long as you keep moving forward without panic or fear, you’ll have the power to climb upwards no matter which path you take.

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